Click the links below to scroll down and read about our investment into vast infrastructure and state-of-the-art machinery at Contract Flooring Solutions, together with our passion for recycling in excess of 90% of unused and waste materials.


At the heart of our company is our purpose built central logistics and distribution facility in Birmingham. This vast facility houses our main 50,000 square foot holding warehouse together with attached central installations office, and accompanying Contract Flooring head office building. It serves our Midlands installations workforce and our regional hubs located around the country.

Inside the warehouse, custom designed racking systems hold enough storage for 4,000+ rolls of carpet, and multiple boom trucks, state-of-the-art cutting tables and recycling bailing machines serve four loading bays which can cater for dozens of combined trunking lorries and fitting teams/vans at any one time.

The attached central installations office powers the main logistics focus for the business, controlling the regional hubs and fitting teams that spread out across the country. And the accompanying Contract Flooring head office building is home to our entire leadership, tech, administration and customer services workforce.

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Flooring installations are planned, prepared and precision cut to room size utilising state-of-the-art machinery at our central Birmingham facility before being distributed to regional hubs and out to site for installation.

Boom trucks together with a skilled warehouse workforce power multiple computer controlled cutting tables with a throughput of dozens of plots per hour – serving four loading bays simultaneously. And Bailex 50-ton bailing machines continuously compress and prepare waste carpet, underlay, vinyl, cardboard and plastic ready for recycling.

The efficiency, accuracy and speed at which we prepare and produce plot fulls of flooring enables us to provide a world class installations service to House Builders and Housing Associations, by minimising impact to and time spent on-site.

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As a company we are over 90% away from landfill. We responsibly recycle our own waste materials including flooring, cardboards, plastics, metals and timbers, but we also serve the community by acting as an enviro drop off point for other flooring contractors to recycle.

Over and above traditional recycling methods we do our best to support local operations. For example, unused carpet is baled, shredded and presented for reuse – in products for other industry.  Unused vinyl flooring is used to create traffic cones and backing for new vinyl flooring, and cardboard tubes are cut into 9 inch lengths for making grow tubes for garden centres.

Leftover waste is offered to localised Waste-to-Energy operations, who in-turn generate energy in the form of electricity and/or heat from the primary treatment of waste.

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