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As a company we lead the way in sub-floor preparation for new build properties, and carry a reputation for being the go to flooring contractor for investigating and successfully resolving common problems such as slopes, dips, bumps, cracks and rising moisture.

Our expertise in this area is so recognised, that our specialists are often summoned to repair sub-floor complications that other flooring contractors have either missed or cannot solve – plus to deal with complex sub-floors issues around underfloor heating and ceramic flooring installations.

With a vast and highly knowledgeable workforce in place, our customers (UK House Builders and Housing Associations) can rest assured we have the capacity to react swiftly and efficiently to get the job done.

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One of our specialist areas is in dealing with sub-floor rising moisture (which causes the latex to de-bond and therefore the top flooring layer – most often luxury vinyl tiles – to fail), a problem so prevalent in new build properties that some developers do not offer vinyl flooring as an option to end home buyers.

Traditional resin based DPMs have never been a viable solution, due to the tight deadlines in new build programmes. So in 2013, we tasked our most knowledgeable flooring experts to research and find an answer to the long standing problem.

The best contract grade latex systems and leading European screed manufacturers were investigated, and our efforts resulted in forging a partnership to produce a specialist sub-floor moisture control system, that primes, levels and prepares sub-floors ready for top floor installation in just four hours, working at up to 97% relative humidity – as such we now offer a guaranteed sub-floor moisture control system as standard practice for all of our new build flooring installations.

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Our knowledge and experience in carpets (dating back to our original retail flooring business in 1955) coupled with our continuous forward thinking investment into technology, enables us to offer an unmatched carpet flooring service to UK House Builders and Housing Associations.

Utilising our purpose built in-house Live Pricing system enables instant quotations for carpets of all shapes, sizes and brands, from large scale budget carpets through to last minute high end luxury requests made by the end home buyer.

Carpet installations are planned, cut and prepared using our very own back office systems and warehouse machinery / infrastructure – before being transported – to ensure the best brush and visual effects are achieved for the end home buyer, as well as minimal installation time on-site. Choices of underlay are available and even heavy duty door bars are used as standard to guarantee that perfect finish.

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Much the same as when laying carpets, our vinyl flooring installations are planned, designed and laid in specific directions throughout the entire property to produce the most visually striking results for the end home buyer. But the secret to laying a perfect vinyl floor (be it luxury vinyl tiles or sheet vinyl flooring) is in the sub-floor preparation – eradicating imperfections before they cause problems (upset and inconvenience to the end home buyer is simply not an option).

Being leading experts in sub-floor preparation, we take an obsessive approach to following exact installation guidelines, ensuring the base is flawless both in terms of surface quality and moisture resistance before applying top floor layers. We are proud to state that since our pioneering sub-floor research began in 2013, we have not experienced a single sub-floor failure.

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From laminates to solid wood flooring, once again service and end home buyer experience is our top priority. We use high quality laminates as standard and always install solid wood flooring over the top of damp proof membranes. And in order to assist our customers (UK House Builders and Housing Associations) we offer to make two site visits.

First visits are to lay the wood flooring so that the carpenters can then arrive to fit skirting boards flush to the floor. And second visits are to lay the carpets and ease doors at the end of the project. Our large employed workforce and capacity enables us to offer this added service, which always concludes in paying special attention to cleaning and hoovering ready for the end home buyer to move in.

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Installing safety flooring is common practice in our work for Housing Associations, ensuring surfaces are non-slip compliant in the wet areas. But we also install safety flooring for developers as well, including at the special request of end home buyers (for example where suitable flooring is required for disabled use).

Cap and cove is utilised to produce all important waterproof seals and the sub-floors are prepared to the same leading specifications as luxury vinyl flooring to achieve that perfect finish.

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At Contact Flooring Solutions, we understand the importance of special requests. We have the expertise and experience to undertake just about any vision the end home buyer may have, be it glorious stair runners, luxury body and border designs or inset door matting (we are regularly tasked with laying the flooring for House Builder Sales Centres to ensure that perfect finish).

But our ethos is also to go above and beyond during final adjustments, such as door easing once the flooring has been chosen by the end customer (which mostly happens sometime after the doors are first hung by the carpenters). With the correct measurements in hand, our specialists carefully ease the doors to the correct heights, clean up, and then continue on with laying – just part of our world class flooring service.

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