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Contract Flooring Solutions Ltd originates from a retail flooring business dating back to 1955, which was handed down through generations of the Day family until it reached our founder Steve Day. That retail flooring business continues to run today.

It was around the turn of the century where things started to change. A colleague from the House Builder sector had been let down and Steve stepped in to help out with flooring for a single house. Through his efficiency, speed and quality of work, Steve quickly turned one house into two, three and four – opportunities arose.

Contract Flooring Solutions was eventually born in 2005, and through Steve’s ethos to adapt a responsive, retail model to a corporate environment, our company now sits as one of the leading flooring providers to UK House Builders and Housing Associations.

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As a company we employ all of our staff, which spans hundreds – as such all uphold the company obsession for customer care. Our technological approach enables us to achieve unmatched efficiency, and our retail values empower us to get the end experience and visual effects just right.

We continue to grow through reputation, by upholding the same values that we use in our own homes, and by innovating and striving to improve every single day. Our customer is the House Builder and Housing Association, and we please our customer through serving their customer (the end home buyer and tenant) with a world class flooring service.

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1955, The Beginning

Opening of the retail flooring business from which our company originates, a single shop back in 1955 with just two employees.

2005, Contract Flooring

Steve Day established our company Contract Flooring Solutions Ltd with just six employees. Our first branch in Bromsgrove was soon opened and we then began serving our first House Builder, Bellway West Midlands.

2006, Expansion Began

A 5,000 square feet extension was added to our Bromsgrove branch in order to cope with expanding fitting operations. Staff levels grew past twenty and we began serving our second House Builder, Kings Oak, as a fully established commercial operation.

2007, Customer Care

Our Customer Care Department was launched as turnover reached £1m for the first time. Staff levels grew past 35 and we began serving our third House Builder, David Wilson Homes.

2008, Training Scheme

Our fully structured Training Scheme was launched off the back of continued success. Staff levels grew past 55 and we began serving House Builders Barratt Homes, Bovis Homes and Morris Homes.

2009, Further Growth

Staff levels grew past 70 and we began serving House Builders Kier and Bromford Homes.

2010, Live Pricing

Live Pricing was launched and our Customer Care Department was centralised to cover all of the UK (increasing efficiency and response times). Staff levels grew past 75 and we began serving the House Builder, Keepmoat.

2011, More Surveyors

Our Peterborough branch was opened as the number of our in-house quantity surveyors increased to six, and overall staff levels grew past 90.

2012, £5m Turnover

As turnover passed £5m for the first time, our Peterborough branch was expanded plus an 800 square feet extension was also added to our Bromsgrove branch. Staff levels grew past 95 and additions were incorporated into the company Training Scheme.

2013, Cloud Based

Our Crawley branch was opened and all tendering and cutting processes were centralised under a new 10,000 square feet dedicated warehouse in Saxon. Contract Flooring also progressed to a fully paperless cloud based operation, supported by our very own in-house IT development team. Staff levels grew past 100 and we began serving the House Builder, Taylor Wimpey.

2014, Rising Moisture

Our Crawley branch was opened and our most knowledgeable flooring experts researched and found an answer to the long standing problem of sub-floor rising moisture in new build properties. Turnover passed £10m for the first time and staff levels grew past 120.

2015, Live Care

Our South Wales branch was opened and we began a partnership with Bournville College and Further Education in Birmingham to create an NVQ Level 2 – Pathway 6 in Floor Covering. Staff levels grew past 160 and Live Care was launched, plus we began serving the House Builder, Cala Homes.

2016, A New Home

Our brand new home was designed and built from the ground up, including a vast 50,000 square feet structure housing state-of-the-art machinery, operations and offices. Staff levels grew past 190 and in-house quantity surveyors were increased to twelve, plus we began serving the House Builder, Persimmon.

2017, Liaison Team

Infrastructure was put in place ready to launch our wholesale division in 2018, plus we introduced a new on-site liaison team in order to keep improving our world class customer service. Staff levels grew past 200 and we increased regional coverages for House Builders Barratts, Crest Nicholson and Taylor Wimpey.